Advanced Engineering Unit


Advances in Science and Techonology are beginning to be closely linked, consequently allowing innovations at observational levels. In this sense, the Advanced Engineering Unit (AEU) is designed to provide specialized support to the various research lines developing new types of sensors as well as technology to achieve the science of the future.

The unit intends to provide the following services to the different research lines:

Engineering (sub) systems, RF, digital and opticalEarth and Space instrumentationCritical software and observation automationGeneration of technical requirements and acceptance of equipmentProject management and supportManagement of laboratory infrastructureLink to the industry

In order to carry out these tasks, the following tools are available and used as assessment tools:

Laboratory SpacesProject ManagementManagement DocumentationProject tracking using TRACDesign of circuits (contact AEU)Different software versioning tools:<projecte> or ssh://

Moreover, the AEU organizes a talks about technology (Technology talk) every second Monday of each month.