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Odintsov, S. D., Unified inflation-dark energy cosmology in modified gravity: solutions, int conf. Aggregation-Diffusion PDEs: Variational Principles, Nonlocality and Systems, Anacapri, Invited review, 2017-07-10, 2017-07-14, in preparation    View Entry
Odintsov, S. D., Inflation in classical and quantum higher-derivative gravity, mini-workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology, Rhodes, Invited review, 2017-07-02, 2017-07-05,    View Entry
Odintsov, S. D., Inflation from classical and quantum higher-derivative gravity, Ibericos2017, Valencia, Invited talk, 2017-04-10, 2017-04-12,    View Entry
Tolos, L., Variational calculations on superfluid neutron stars, ECT* workshop: Superfluidity and Pairing Phenomena: from Cold Atomic Gases to Neutron Stars, Invited talk, 2017-03-21, 2017-03-24    View Entry
Girart, J. M., A young stellar cluster around a massive protostar revealed by ALMA, Star Formation from Cores to Clusters, Santiago (Chile), Contributed talk, 2017-03-06, 2017-03-09,    View Entry
Odintsov, S. D., Unified accelerating cosmology in modified gravity: new theories, International conference on High Energy Physics: Theory to Experiment (IHEP-T2E), Kuala Lumpur, Invited review, 2017-02-25, 2017-03-03, International conference on High Energy Physics: Theory to Experiment (IHEP-T2E)    View Entry
Torres, D. F., Magnetar Nebula, SN 1987A, thirty years later, Reunion, France, Contributed talk, 2017-02-20, 2017-02-24,    View Entry
Busquet, G., Santos, F.P, Franco, G.A.P, Girart, J. M., Zhang, Q, Añez, N., Magnetically dominated parallel interstellar filaments in the infrared dark cloud G14.225-0.506, The physics of the ISM - 6 years of ISM-SPP 1573: What have we learned?, Cologne, Contributed talk, 2017-02-14,    View Entry
Torres, D. F., Search for gamma-ray emission from red backs and black widows as possible transitional pulsars, ISSI Workshop on Transitional pulsars, Berna, Invited talk, 2017-01-23, 2017-01-26    View Entry
Serenelli, A., What’s New Under the Sun? Latest Developments in Solar Models and Neutrinos , The Aarhus Red Giants Modelling Workshops, Aarhus, Invited talk, 2017-01-23, 2017-01-27,    View Entry
Turk, F. J., Ao, C. O., de la Torre Juárez, M., Cardellach, E., Padullés, R., Tomas, S., GNSS Polarimetric Radio Occultations: Thermodynamical Structure within Precipitation, American Meteorological Society 97th annual meeting, Seattle, Wa, USA, Poster, 2017-01-22, 2017-01-26,    View Entry
Girart, J. M., Polarization observations with ALMA: a multi wavelength approach, ALMA Band 1 Science Workshop, Taipei, Contributed talk, 2017-01-16, 2017-01-20,    View Entry
de la Torre Juárez, M., Padullés, R., Turk, F. J., Ao, C. O., Cardellach, E., GNSS Polarimetric Radio Occultations: Thermodynamical Structure of pecipitating clouds, American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, Poster, 2016-12-12, 2016-12-16,    View Entry
Odintsov, S. D., Invited Lecturer at Petriov School on Gravity, Cosmology and Astrophysics, Int Petrov School , Kazan, Russia, Invited review, 2016-12-06, 2016-12-10    View Entry
Tolos, L., Equation of state for neutron stars with mass and radius constraints, CERN TH institute "From quarks to gravitational waves: Neutron stars as a laboratory for fundamental physics", Invited talk, 2016-12-05, 2016-12-09    View Entry
Girart, J. M., Magnetic fields in star forming regions: an update from ALMA, Cosmic rays, astrophysical turbulence and magnetic reconnection, Invited talk, 2016-12-05, 2016-12-09,    View Entry
Odintsov, S. D., Unification of inflation with dark energy:new models, Concordance Model and Beyond, Capetown, Invited review, 2016-11-28, 2016-12-02    View Entry
Moyano-Cambero, C. E., Trigo-Rodriguez, J. M., Llorca, J., Fornasier, S., Barucci, M. A., Rimola, A., Reflectance spectra of carbonaceous chondrites to find clues on their parent asteroids: CH3 chondrites and 21 Lutetia, European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics , Madrid, Poster, 2016-11-21, 2016-11-21    View Entry
Sáez-Gómez , D., Future cosmological singularities: theoretical aspects and observations, Beyond concordance model II, Cape Town, Invited talk, 2016-11-18    View Entry
Serenelli, A., The Sun as an axion source, Axions & IAXO in Spain, Invited talk, 2016-10-27, 2016-10-28,    View Entry