Outreach Activities


Since its creation, the ICE (IEEC-CSIC) has continuously carried out public outreach and science awareness to society. As part of its educational and outreach activities, the ICE’s outreach department elaborates press releases based on the scientific results obtained by the different theoretical and observational research groups in our center.

It coordinates interviews for the media (articles in newspapers, electronic articles, radio, television, blogs, Internet 2.0), public talks to the general audience as well as talks addressed to elementary and high school students. In special occasions, public talks are arranged when recognized world-class researchers come to Barcelona to participate in specialized conferences.

The institute also organizes public activities for special Astronomical events and collaborates in local and nationwide exhibitions, presenting not only the Institute’s accomplished research but also more general topics within the field of Astronomy, Cosmology, Geophysics, and Remote Sensing among others.

Finally, the ICE also participates in the annual National Science Week organized by different Spanish state agencies, and in science and education fairs.

For more information on the activities the ICE organizes, please contact the Science Communication Department

Science Communication Department

Email: outreach*ice.cat sobre
Tel: +34 93 581 4779