Gravitational Astronomy

Gravitational Waves

This main research area focuses on Gravitational Wave Astronomy, an emerging area aimed at the detection and analysis of the gravitational radiation emitted by diverse astrophysical and cosmological sources, and from which we expect to produce breakthroughs in Astrophysics, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics. The Group's expertise focuses on gravitational wave detectors in the low frequency band (about 1 mHz), where detection can only be done from space. The group's activities include: instrumentation and software qualified for flight, design and development of specific algorithms for data analysis, and theoretical studies of the main sources of gravitational waves, both for the construction of waveforms and for the development of new science from the observations. The group is also working on the development of space missions aimed at the study of different aspects of relativistic gravitation.

Main Topics:

- Gravitational Waves
- General Relativity
- Astronomical Instrumentation (LISA Pathfinder)

Credits: Image Composition of various individual images - Credits: DMU unit, thermal sensors (Sopuerta et. al), ESA