Outreach Activities


The ICE carries out outreach activities to schools with students ranging from P4 to 18 years of age. We are part of the CSIC a l'Aula program, which aims at on promoting science in schools. So if you are a school professor interested in wanting your studentes to learn about what the Universe is made of, how a star is born, the new technologies being created for interplanetary trips, or any other topic related to space sciences and astrophysics, contact the Science Communication Departament to book an activity with us. We visit over a dozen schools every semester and here is a list of some of the talks and short workshops we have given so far:

Twinkle twinkle little star, are you or are you not space junk? Our adventures on the moonBirth and death of starsDiscovering our Solar SystemInterplanetary trips: is it possible to go to Mars nowadays?Hello, is there someone there? Searching for extrasolarplanetsThe big secret behind meteorites Three, two, one, and blast. How to fly water rocketsThe colors of our Universe - how to build a spectrograph
Science Communication Department

Email: outreach*ice.cat sobre
Tel: +34 93 581 4779

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