Information for News Agencies

Science Communication Department

The objectives of the Science Communication Department are mainly to promote science awareness to society.

As part of its tasks, the department organizes and carries out:

Talks, workshops and astronomy activities at schools and educational institutionsSeminars given at libraries and associationsExhibitions and participation in fairsTV and radio interviews as well as interviews for specialized magazine and newspaper articlesScientific blogs, providing an expertise-based opinion regarding different topics that interest our society.Public outreach using the most current social networks such as facebook, twitter, research gate, amongst others.

The Communication Department also serves as the link between media and researchers, providing detailed information and resources to news agencies. It acts as a filter for journalists, linking the topic of interest with the most appropriate researcher, who has the adequate expertise to carry out an interview for any report, newspaper or magazine article.

For more information, contact the Science Communication Department (SCD)

Science Communication and Public Outreach Department

Tel: +34 93 581 4779