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12:00 h

LISA Pathfinder: one year in free-fall

Speaker: Miquel Nofrarias (Institut de Ciències de l'Espai (CSIC-IEEC))
Place: Sala Alberto Lobo (ICE building, Campus UAB)
Host: Jian Li
Contact: jian* sobre ()

After several years of intense technological research, during 2016
we’ve seen the start of Gravitational Wave Astronomy. On 
Feb. 11th 2016 Advanced LIGO announced the first detection of a 
gravitational wave signal from a black hole binary merge. 
Coincidentally, just a few days after (Feb. 15th) LISA Pathfinder 
released for the first time one of its test masses and started 
operating in free fall, with the main objective of testing the required 
technology to build a future space-based observatory. LISA 
Pathfinder lifted off from French Guaiana in December 3rd 2015. 
After a cruise phase, it reached the Lagrange point 1 where it 
started, first, the commissioning phase and then the scientific 
operations. In this talk I will review this last year of operations, 
describing the daily operations scenario and the mission main 
scientific results so far.

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